Photograph of a dog in front of the original Glen Osmond Coachman’s stables.


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You may recognise this image, it appeared on a Lucky Dog billboard in the Adelaide CBD. It was photographed as part of my Photographic Design module at  the Centre for Creative Photography (The CCP has excellent courses and an excellent vibe, suitable for anyone with a photography passion, call me if you want to ask me about them). The design theme I was showing is repetition, the aim was to have repeating triangles, as you can see in the stables and the dog’s ears.

The shot is 100% setup, I lifted my dog up onto the fence whilst my wide clicked the shutter. So sorry if you were hoping this was a candid shot.

Sadly the original Glen Osmond Coachman’s Stables have now been demolished. They were are very unique building, but Burnside Council permitted the demolition in about 2018.


A2 Print Only, please contact me for additional options

Limited to 10 prints


Adelaide, South Australia

Camera Settings

F11 | ISO 640 | 1/100 sec | 57mm

Lightroom adjustments only, no Photoshop. Shot included external speed light.


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