Car Lights

While I was eating my Fish and Chips, from the famous Normanville Fish and Chip shop I noticed the cool effect passing cars made on the road side pine trees.


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I was going to call this photo ‘Fish and Chips’. It’s a great example of how just having a camera can lead to a great photo. I think that’s the oldest saying in photography, the best camera is the one you have on you, meaning that if you don’t have a camera you shot isn’t going to exist.

A good friend and I often head off in our swags, on this particular trip we decided to sneak onto the beach just south of Normanville. On the way through we stopped into the famous Normanville Fish and Chip shop and grabbed some food. While were sitting down eating our fish and chips I noticed the cool way the car lights were lighting up the trees.


A2 Print Only, please contact me for additional options

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Normanville, South Australia

Camera Settings

F2.8 | ISO 1600 | 10 sec | 75mm

Lightroom adjustments only, no Photoshop


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