I’m not going to pretend this composition of the Midnight Oil House is mine, it was part of a project I did to try and replicate Ken Duncan’s famous image.


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I’ve always loved the iconic ruin on the cover of Midnight Oils ‘Diesel and Dust’ Album. I was quite surprised to find this house was just north of Adelaide in the town of Burra. I made it a project to try and recreate this iconic image.

I’ve created a blog post and video on Recreating the Midnight Oil House Photo.

Interestingly, the other midnight oil house image I have (shown below in related products) was taken on the same day. I think it’s a great example of how light and composition can paint a completely different picture.


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Burra, South Australia

Camera Settings

Mavic Drone

Heavily photoshopped, stitched 3 images into panorama. Image proportions were also significantly altered to match Ken Duncan’s original image.


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