Dry Creek

Sunset photo at Dry Creek on the Glenelg River in South Australia.

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The Glenelg River snakes into South Australia from about 1km and two bends. The really cool thing about the Glenelg River is that it is a proper river. I love South Australia, but in general our rivers are rubbish. This photo is another great example of hanging around for an extra half hour after you think you have the shot. Sunset came and went and the sky didn’t really get any colour to it, but the the hue started changing (I think it may have been the fact that it started to sprinkle rain), anyway the shot I imagined was amazing and the real shot, even better.


A2 Print , available in 6×4 ratio or panorama (my advice go for the pano, it’s spectacular). I’ve included options for my standard frame and print options, but of course custom option are available, so please get in touch if you have a specific request.


Dry Creek, Glenelg River, South Australia

Camera Settings

F8 | ISO 640 | 15 sec | 24mm

Not photoshopped, minor Lightroom slider adjustments only.


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