Backstairs Passage

An unusually still ocean, a peak of light through the clouds at sunset has produced a painting like image of Backstairs Passage and Kangaroo Island.


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An overcast dusk, I think this is my favourite light. Of course an overcast dusk normally makes for a bland photo. But sometimes, just sometimes you get a sneak of light through the clouds and everything changes in an instant.

While I was shooting this image, there were two other photographers (semi famous ones as well, I won’t name them though). They had their cameras pointing east towards Newland Head and Victor Harbor, I’m not sure they even saw this light, I sure wasn’t going to tell them.

The two headlands on the right of the image are on the South Australian mainland, I’m pretty sure the far one is Cape Jarvis. The land mass to the left is Kangaroo Island. I’ve had several trips to Kangaroo Island, by far the most memorable was our Kangaroo Island Dolphin Encounter at Stokes Bay, one of the best days I have ever had.


A2 Print Only, please contact me for additional options

Limited to 10 prints


Parson Beach, South Australia

Camera Settings

F16 | ISO 100 | 13 sec | 200mm

Lightroom adjustments only, no Photoshop


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