46.6 Degrees

For me this photo sums up a hot day at the beach, it was hot, 46.6 degrees, an Adelaide record. To get the hazy, grainy look I had some pretty unusual settings. The slightly offset aspect of the image also ads to the visual rhetoric I was trying to achieve.


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I shot this at F1.2 (I had to use an ND filter to get such a large aperture in the bright sun). Using F1.2 and shooting directly into the sun gives the image a real dreamy, almost grainy feel. I think it’s the perfect visual rhetoric for this image. I also shot on a slight angle, I think this ads to the candid, holiday feel I was trying to achieve.


A2 Print Only, please contact me for additional options

Limited to 10 prints


Henley Beach, South Australia

Camera Settings

F1.2 | ISO 10 | 1/2500 sec | 85mm | ND Filter

Not photoshopped, Lightroom slider adjustments only.


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