Stanford Mowers website

One tiny design change has resulted in a 60% increase in page views

Take my redesign of Stanford Mowers website as an example of why web design is so important. One tiny and seemingly simple change resulted in a 60% increase in click throughs. This means almost twice as many users moved through the website to the next stage, or to look at it another way twice as many users didn’t hit the back button and continue their google search elsewhere.

Are your potential customers contacting you via your website of hitting the back button and going elsewhere? I know I recently spoke to a business who was spending $900 to acquire a new client in google ads, a poorly designed website would of been devastating for that business.

Your website is often the last point in your sales process. You have probably spent a lot of time and money (maybe not $900) to get a potential customer to your website. All that time, effort and and money can be wasted if your have a poor website.

The new site has been great, not only has our web traffic increased, but we also noticed extra customers in our store after the upgrade…

Web design is very subtle and very finicky, but the benefits of a well designed website can have huge impacts for your business, so it’s worth making sure your website is performing well. A poorly designed site has the potential to be devastating for your business.

My web design career started in 2002 when I created the worlds largest interactive website. Since then my skills have advanced from back end and interaction design to now include graphic design, photography, animation and video.

If you feel your website my be underperforming, or even worse losing your new customers please get in touch.

Have a look at the new website, and get in touch if you want to discuss websites or want to know about the tiny design change!