Case Study

Stanford Mowers Web Design

“The new site has been great, not only has our web traffic increased, but we also noticed extra customers in our store after the upgrade… “

Ben Creighton, Stanford Mowers

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Let's start with the result, it's pretty impressive!

The above graph shows a 160% jump in user engagement after one design change. Along with other changes and fresh content I have increased user engagement over 240%. It’s a great example of how professional web design makes a real difference.

Project Background

Stanford Mowers are South Australia’s largest supplier of lawn mowers and outdoor garden equipment, so their website gets a lot of traffic. They approached me to give their site a new design and to also make sure it was performing well for them. 

Some Potential Issues

At first glance I could see a few sections I thought may have been having an impact on the site. A look at the site traffic confirmed my suspicions. A poorly designed section was dropping a huge number of visitors. Once we knew this a simple redesign of this section fixed the problem and gave them a 60% increase in page views per visitor.

Custom blogs and a new design increase traffic a further 50%

I added a new design as well as a blog and news section. These changes further increased traffic by 50%.

Check out Stanford Mowers Website to see my design.

Future plans for a 400% growth in website traffic

I have now created a social media presence for Stanford Mowers. Our strategy is to use this to increase our website traffic by 400%. We are already getting close to this number. The following video is an example of some the social media content I am producing.

This case study highlights how professional web design and professional images can make an incredible difference to the performance of your website.

You spent a lot of time and money to get potential clients to your website. Don’t waste that effort with a bad web design.