Just Another Jetty Shot?

I still love a good Willunga Jetty shot. Sadly, amongst some photographers it has a bit a ‘non cool’ reputation. Probably because, I guess it’s a pretty easy shot to get. Don’t listen to them. A good Willunga Jetty shot will bring you endless joy. Remember a photograph is more than just a picture, it’s also a memory. With this shot for example I remember seeing an amazing sunset forming, but I was running late because we had to catch a turtle in my neighbours yard. After much stress Em (my daughter) and I finally got this shot. We then went to a local pizza bar for dinner. Whenever I see this image I think of all those events. So maybe it is just another jetty shot, but I love it

My top tips for an awesome Willunga Jetty shot

  • Use a tripod, you might need a long exposure up to 30 seconds.
  • Switch to manual mode, as a starting point set your aperture to F16 and ISO to 800, try various shutter speeds.
  • Wait, a lot of people get their shot as the sun dips over the horizon. Hang around for 15 minutes and watch the magic happen.
  • Try and find some leading lines, you can see mine with the white dots. The foreshore is a great leading line. Leading lines give the viewers eye a natural flow.
  • Shoot in RAW if possible, you have a lot more control over editing.
  • Explore different angles, try and get down low, in this shot my camera is only 20 cm off the sand.
  • Keep an eye on the weather, in my opinion the best Willunga Jetty shot is on a calm night. You may have to wait a few weeks.

Willunga Jetty Prints

Checkout my gallery, where this print is available for purchase.