the glossy

Why I chose the glossy

I always wanted to do my doco on a climate change topic.

My first idea was to show how much CO2 we are creating by showing how many beer cans we could fill with the CO2 we create. This idea hit a major roadblock, I ran some surveys and basically people either cared or didn’t care, the facts I presented didn’t sway peoples opinion. Very disheartening.

Further research recommended that showing the positive benefits of climate action is more likely to get people to respond positively, so I started looking for some good news climate action stories.

For some time I’ve hated the baron landscape on parts of Cape Jarivs, so I googled this.

That’s when I discovered the glossy!

My four minute(ish) glossy doco

Here is my final doco, uni gave me an HD for the project, here is what my assessors had to say. I’m really glad they kept watching after the 4 minute time limit was reached.

Another fascinating documentary that shows your technical skills and ability to tell a story. Great work! An interesting approach to follow your time on KI trying to find the glossy, which provided a personal perspective to film this endangered species. The interviews and text were also informative, giving context to the situation and steps that could be done to make change. I kept watching after the 4 minutes to see the birds in action! Some beautiful shots of the area and good set ups with yourself being in the frame. Good choices were made in the edit to convey a narrative for this topic. Strong transitions and the film flowed well from one moment to the next. Solid pacing to ensure enough information was conveyed. The music also added value to the film. An important story to tell. I hope you continue to pursue it after this course.

Let's help the glossy

There is so much more I need to say about the Glossy, but in the mean time fill in the form and I’ll update you with my plans with how WE can help the glossy.

Glossy Updates

How PhD Students Saved The Glossy

18th April 2024

It was thought the population of glossies on KI was fairly stable, that was until some PhD students conducted a population audit and discovered a major problem.