4321 Exhibition Design and Branding

I thought the perfect way to showcase my Digital Design skills is to show you a project I completed.

During April 2021 I held my first exhibition at Rusco and Brusco. For me this exhibition was much more than just a landscape photography exhibition, it was also an opportunity for me to showcase my digital design skills. To say I was pleased with the exhibition wold be an understatement, I managed to recoup my costs and make a profit. My costs included $6,000 in hardware to print colour corrected photos in A2 format.


You will notice consistent branding across, print media, social media, video and the website.

Brochure Design

The exhibition included a 16 page brochure, pictured above. I used a ‘countdown’ theme for my primary headings to align with the theme of my exhibition. Colour, fonts and visual rhetoric is consistent throughout the brochure.

MultiMedia Design

My opening night included several videos. Once again branding is consistent throughout all my videos. I’ve included an example of one of the videos here, I hope you enjoy it. By the way, at the time of writing this,  I still have a few images of the Midnight House available for sale.

Social Media Strategy

I actively promoted my exhibition on social media. I had a mix of ‘salesy’ type posts and general information posts. Once again the branding of these posts was consistent with the rest of my media.

Web Design and E-Commerce

A website complete with blog posts and an e-commerce platform. You are currently viewing the website which I adapted to become my main website.