The cover image shows my patient family waiting for me to get some photos of the Coffin Bay dunes during our Christmas break. It was then I decided to create an exhibition of my photos. I set a count down, 4-3-21 sounded like the perfect date to launch a landscape photography website and exhibition. My exhibition will contain a series of unique landscapes that show our stunning South Australian scenery.

The Countdown

At Christmas time I thought three months would be plenty of time to get everything sorted, after all I had already taken the photos, how hard could it be right? Wrong! From setting up commerce, to getting images printed and framed and of course finding a venue for my exhibition all took far more time than I anticipated.


Late last year I purchased a Woocommerce site as a test for a client, so luckily I had the framework ready to go. I’m happy to say that today, 4-3-21 the new site is launched.

A printing Solution

I’ve been thinking about an exhibition for several years, one reason I haven’t done it is the cost of getting top quality prints. I decided to spend about $6000 on a printing solution, it includes a pro level 11 cartridge printer and a calibrated monitor. Another positive of this purchase is that I can now offer printing services to my clients.

An exhibtion

Rusco and Brusco have kindly offered to host 4321. A selection of 12 prints will be displayed from the 26th March ’21 through to the end of April ’21.

Rusco and Brusco are located at 377 Magill Road St Morris. They offer fantastic coffee and genuine Italian food, so make sure you take time to enjoy their hospitality.