Photos from 2018 Victor Harbor Triathlon (2 of 7)

Here is page 2 of 7 from my photos from the 2018 Victor Harbour Triathlon. They are all very very same same and not particularly creative, but my main aim was to try and get a photo of everyone.

All the images here are low resolution, but please email me if you want a high resolution version.

Please feel free to use the images as you want, but I’d really appreciated a link back to my website, or tagging @ajspookendorf on Facebook.


Reason 1 of why I’ve posted my images here and not on Facebook.

It help build my websites reputation and SEO.

Instead of just getting a few and likes comments, people will actually have to visit and link to my website. Backlinks into your website are a great way to build your ranking on Google.

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Goto page 3 of the photos

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